Finished: Snowflake Beanie #3

Pattern: Knit Frozen Snowflakes Beanie by Knit and Crochet Ever After

Purchased from: Craftsy

Yarn used: Plymouth Yarn Encore, pink heather and cream, worsted

This is my third hat using this pattern, it’s a great pattern, easy to follow, easy to understand. It has both the written instructions and a chart for the patterned section. I am still having trouble, I think, with my yarn tension, but each hat does get better. Practice makes perfect, they say.

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Shop Update.

This afternoon I’ve added six project bags to the GMHN Knits Etsy Shop. I made five drawstring bags and two zippered boxy pouches. You’ll notice one of the drawstring bags is missing from the shop and the picture is missing, and this is because it’ll be included in a giveaway to come sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

In non-knitting related news, Craftsy featured one of my quilting patterns on their blog post this morning: 7 Fall Quilting Patterns to Top Your Table This Fall. I am super excited about that!

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Five on Friday: Favorite Knitting Podcasts

I wanted to share with you my five favorite knitting podcasts. Usually if I am not knitting, I’m watching knitting podcasts. At work, if I’m in chat and not taking phone calls, I’ll hop on YouTube and watch and/or listen to the podcasts while I’m working.

Some of these are super well known and others are not, but I love them all. I watch more than five but these are the ones where I stumbled across one episode and enjoyed it so much that I went back and watched every episode they’ve aired in the past, except for one, which is brand new.

I’ll start with the most obvious: Grocery Girls. I first saw them on Craftsy’s Off Our Needles show. I absolutely adore Jodie and Tracie. They make me want to move to Canada. They are real and funny and they knit some amazing projects.

Another favorite of mine is The Workshop Girls. Oh my lord, perfect if you love sex talk or potty talk or other inappropriateness with your knitting. I love them.

Another popular podcast, which, like Grocery Girls, is also two sisters, is The Mean Girls Knit. They are great, they are funny and sort of normal…ha. They share their mistakes, which is great and encouraging for new knitters, like myself.

A brand new podcast that I enjoy, though there are only two episodes so far, is The Autumn Acorn Knits. She was my first Etsy customer, and had left a comment on Instagram and I started following her. I watched her podcast as soon as she posted. For her very first time podcasting it’s pretty impressive.

Then last, but not least, is the newest one I stumbled upon while searching for something else, and I enjoyed the first episode so now I’m working on the rest as I write this. Yarn and Ewe Girl.

Do you have any knitting podcasts that you can recommend? I would like to check them out.

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