Tin Can Knits Antler Hat.

Pattern: Antler Hat/Toque by Tin Can Knits
Purchased from: Free on Ravelry

It fits him really well and he’s quite happy with it. I am not sure when I will knit anything with black yarn again though because it was a bit of a pain!!

I started it on January 17 and then sort of set it aside because… like I said, the black yarn was kind of a pain to work with. But my littlest little was sick Saturday night into Sunday, and after being up all night Saturday I just didn’t feel like doing anything around the house Sunday, or shopping, or anything so I just sat and knit all day long while the littlest little was passed out on the couch.

It is not often that I get to spend an entire day knitting, so I was glad for that, but wish it had been under better circumstances 🙁

After I finished that I spent the rest of the day working on my oldest daughter’s socks. I have completed 7 pairs of worsted weight socks but this is my first pair of fingering weight. Someone at work suggested I try small circulars so I bought a pair Saturday afternoon and I absolutely love them, so much so that I think I might actually complete a pair of fingering weight socks… finally.

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Finished: Beanie and Cowl

First, I have started one of the items on my 2018 Knitting Goals List:
Hannah’s Shawl. I am getting to use the Darn Good Yarn Bowl my cousin got me for Christmas. And I love it!! You can purchase one here (50% off with code: YB50).

I think that Hannah’s hand dyed yarn is looking very pretty all knit up! I can’t wait to finish, she has been wanting a shawl with this for quite some time.

I have also separated the sleeves on Gillian’s Flax sweater, which is great because this is yet another project on my 2018 Knitting Goals list.

And so far for 2018 (10 days in), I have knit Naomi a little cowl and a matching beanie/hat.

Patterns: Oats (cowl) and Barley (beanie) by Tin Can Knits
Purchased from: Ravelry

Started: January 7, 2018
Finished: January 8, 2018

I feel like I’m off to a good knitting start this year.

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Finished: Hat for my Dad

I started this hat for my Dad on October 19, and managed to finish it on October 22. It took a bit longer than I would have liked, but that’s just life I guess.

My husband tried it on multiple times for me while I was knitting. It fits him nice and snug so it should fit my Dad just fine. I just need to wash it and then I can mail it off to him

** edited to add: So it turns out that my husband has a much larger head than my father. Haha. The hat is a little larger than it should be on my father. You might try using a smaller needle when you make a hat, or cast-on less stitches. **

I didn’t use any specific pattern, I pulled many parts from many patterns, picking and choosing and went from there. I did write it out as I went. So if you’re interested in a men’s size worsted weight winter-type hat with some striping, you can download the FREE pdf pattern here.

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