Flax Progress.

I’m posting this from the WordPress app on my phone, so if things look a little wonky, I apologize.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I’ve knit the sweater to the desired length. Here is a very poorly lit cell phone picture:

Since I took that last night, I’ve finished the ribbing and bound off. I’ve also picked up and started knitting one of the sleeves.

The pattern calls for dpns, so I did that. Then I figured oh this might be faster and easier with magic loop, so I switched over to a long circular but after two rows found that it wasn’t as fast for me, so then I ended up switching back to dpns.

I feel as though these sleeves are going to take forever. Maybe not. I don’t know. 

In unrelated news, my vehicle had two recalls and one of them was with the horn wiring/air bag wiring, so for weeks I had to stop using my horn!! Well the recalls were fixed yesterday and I can use my horn again, which I do need here since nobody knows how to drive

Yes. It is true what they say, Massachusetts is full of bad drivers, present company excluded, of course.  I’m not sure I can be called a “Massachusetts driver”, since I got my first license in New Hampshire. And I can tell you, the vast majority of New Hampshire drivers are courteous drivers.

Not that I’m knocking Massachusetts, I’m not. I love it here, this is where I was born and raised and this will always be my home.

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