Does It Bother Anyone Else?

Places you can knit: Six Flags

Does it bother anyone else…

  • That you have to work 40 hours a week, which seriously cuts back on your knitting, sewing, quilting and general creative time?
  • That if you don’t know how to steek (which I do not, is that even the right word!!??), you have to purl and purl and purl if you want an open front knit sweater?
  • When you get home from work and all you wanna do is knit, but your husband has this crazy idea you should spend time together… so you can’t knit. (I love you babe. No really, I do. xoxo)
  • That other people can knit without looking at their work, and you can’t read and knit, or watch tv and knit, because you have to watch what you’re doing on your needles? Am I the only one? I can’t be the only one…
  • That someone else has your name? Ha.

Just some thoughts I think on a regular basis. I will leave you with this masterpiece.

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