Tin Can Knits Antler Hat.

Pattern: Antler Hat/Toque by Tin Can Knits
Purchased from: Free on Ravelry

It fits him really well and he’s quite happy with it. I am not sure when I will knit anything with black yarn again though because it was a bit of a pain!!

I started it on January 17 and then sort of set it aside because… like I said, the black yarn was kind of a pain to work with. But my littlest little was sick Saturday night into Sunday, and after being up all night Saturday I just didn’t feel like doing anything around the house Sunday, or shopping, or anything so I just sat and knit all day long while the littlest little was passed out on the couch.

It is not often that I get to spend an entire day knitting, so I was glad for that, but wish it had been under better circumstances 🙁

After I finished that I spent the rest of the day working on my oldest daughter’s socks. I have completed 7 pairs of worsted weight socks but this is my first pair of fingering weight. Someone at work suggested I try small circulars so I bought a pair Saturday afternoon and I absolutely love them, so much so that I think I might actually complete a pair of fingering weight socks… finally.

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